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Sri Lanka 2018

In February 2108, Maggie & I traveled to Sri Lanka for a 16 day  tour of the Island.  We used a travel firm called Audley, and through them we arranged for a private driver.  The cost for the driver was surprisingly little and excellent value considering the chaotic driving throughout the country.

The images are arranged in themes which I hope will give you a flavour of the Sri Lanka we saw.

Sri Lanka is a country with a rich history spanning thousands of years so there are many Buddhist temples, sacred and historical sites offering interesting photographic opportunities. 

The highlights of our trip were National Nature Reserve safaris with many birds and animals, traditional fishing and fish markets, crafts including brass, wood carving, and batik.  And of course, tea plantations were everywhere in the highlands.  Even though we were early for many flowers, the botanical gardens were spectacular. 

Buddhism is followed widely in Sri Lanka although  Hinduism is predominant in the far north where the Tamil are concentrated.

The island is home to many cultures, languages and ethnicities. The majority of the population is from the Sinhalese ethnicity, while a large minority of Tamils have also played an influential role in the island's history. Sinhalese and Tamil are the two official languages of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a country of small entrepreneurs.  All towns are filled with little shops of every description.  Even the country roads have a continuous stream of vendors - mostly food and crafts.

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